Red Suspenders Timber Frames


In 1983 Tim and Wynter Chauvin designed and built their own timber framed house in East Texas. The home was raised the old-fashioned way, by a large gathering of friends on a crisp October day. It was not long before the word of this unusual home spread, and several weeks later the Chauvin's were asked to build another timber frame. Red Suspenders Timber Frames was off and running. By 1987 the company had grown, and it was apparent that we needed to look for a new place to live and work. After searching all of Texas, looking at all factors ranging from material supplies to quality-of-life issues, we settled on Nacogdoches as our new home. We purchased 32 acres of gently rolling ranch land and proceeded to build a new shop. We raised the frame in 1987, and this building now houses our Timber Shop and Design Studio. In the years since, we have been joined by more people, capabilities have increased, the facility has grown and there are plans for further expansion. It is a never-ending process of growth and renewal around here. We are often asked where our rather unusual company name came from. The short version has to do with a pair of gaudy red suspenders that Wynter bought for Tim as he proceeded to lose weight during his first summer as he worked on their first home. His reduced waist called for some method of keeping his now too-large pants from going to half mast as he bent over. Not a pretty picture to be sure. He hated belts as they invariably managed to snag the timbers he was working on. The suspenders arrived, decorum returned, and the company name was born. Oddly enough the Red Suspenders have taken on a new meaning around here. Much as a colored belt signifies the skill level of a martial artist, so do Red Suspenders here. Once a new staffer reaches the skill level equivalent of a journeyman in years past, a pair of company Red Suspenders is given to that individual. It is a happy day around here when a new pair of Red Suspenders is donned.