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Design Seminar

We have no scheduled seminars at this time.

If you would like to be placed on our announcement list
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April 5th, 2003 Design Seminar

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Johnson City Texas
A Dramatic overlook of the Perdinales River.

Magazine Presentations

Three Red Suspenders homes will be featured in upcoming magazines this Summer and Fall:
  1. Tim and Wynter Chauvin's home, Waters Edge in Nacogdoches Texas, will appear in the Spring issue of Timber Frame Homes.
  2. The Hailey House, in Nacogdoches, will be featured in Timber Homes Illustrated.
  3. Bill and Donna Davis' home in Johnson City Texas (the Hill Country Home) will be featured in Luxury Log and Timber Homes.

High-Speed Internet Access:

We have installed a new high-speed satellite access to the Internet which will allow us to send and receive large CAD and PDF files. We also can respond much faster to email than before and maintaining our Web site has become much easier.

If you want to send us large files, please contact Robert first so that he can track and route the files as necessary.

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